Converting to Time-Domain Plot of EEG Bandwidths


I don’t know much about signal processing, and am looking for suggestions as to how I might convert from the Alpha-Theta-Delta-Beta-Gamma band powers output by MuseIO to a real time graph of the amplitude and frequencies of the various EEG bandwidths. Muse has a static image on their consumer-facing site of the type of continuously updating visualization I’d like to be able to create:


Take a look at this topic, maybe this App fits what you need:



To achieve this you would need to apply band pass filters to the raw signal for each of the interested spectrums. This feature isn’t directly available in our SDK, but Muselab does allow you to apply you own filters. I can design some and provide you with a Muselab configuration file for you to load to view this kind of data for each channel if you’re interested in viewing the signals on a desktop or laptop. I’ll post it in the near future as I need some time to create the configuration.

Hope that helps.