Could somebody help with calibration step

Hi! I have got instruction from contact support and also I have read all thread about calibration, but I am still dont understand how I should do calibration for my meditation progress. I have been using muse 21 days. Sometimes I try think during calibration sometimes not, sometimes I do nothing, but I always get different result. Could you please give me some another advice or your personal experience for calibration step? Thanks.

There is really nothing you can do. Calibration is the Achilles heel because there is no way you can normalize it. I mean there is no way anyone can do anything because the brain is always doing its thing and who knows how active it is. I suppose the best thing to do would be to do it every single day right in the morning. First thing when you wake up. Your brain is most calm and most consistent. You certainly don’t want to get into a meditative state, and you certainly don’t want to start thinking about your day. You are just going to have to experiment. Maybe count slowly 1…2…3…until calibration is done every single time.

You may eventually grow out of the app and then just download the raw data for analysis with something like MuseMonitor. Highly recommend.


I also questioned what I “should” be thinking or doing. But I just let my mind run in an unfocused state. The device picks up on your brain waves when you’re focused. So whether it’s focused on your breath or something else, your brain is in the meditative state. During calibration I ignore my breath and let my mind roam. Sometimes it goes blank and, as the voice says, “that’s okay too”.

Hope this helps…

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Hi. Could you please tell more about MuseMonitor? Which benefits will I get from analyzing the raw data? Thanks

I saw it :smiley: Which benefits will I get from analyzing the raw data?

well you can see which frequency band you are enduring meditation. In other words if all your meditation is in beta then you probably aren’t having a very good meditation. However if you are an alpha which occasional dips to theta you are definitely doing a lot better and meditation

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