Creating an overview of known Muse software applications

Hi all,

the other day I came across a software application that I’d never read about before (called Neurovisual so I figured there must be other software out there that is useful but not well known.

I’d like to make an overview of consumer/prosumer software for the Muse, along with download links, to help people get more out of their Muse.

Please dump all the information you have below and I’ll make a Google spreadsheet with an overview and download links. Payed and free, known and unknown, whatever you have.

hi, someone also made it to Brainstorm but it was not real time and you need matlab. i am still trying to figure this out and I have a Mac and this neurovisual is not avaiilable for mac…

Thanks for the input so far! Here’s the initial spreadsheet. Anyone can view and edit it so feel free to do so.

Overview of Known Muse Software Applications

The overview is meant for people with limited technical knowledge (so no Github code for example) and is for consumer/prosumer applications.

The main takeaways so far are

  1. there’s a lot of experimentation out there but oh so little functional software
  2. there’s still no stand-alone app for streaming to MacOS
  3. InterAxon has but their software like MuseDirect and MuseLab behind locked doors

hi great list.
i tried eBrainAvatar Muse, but it is not free and requires license. also the connection is dropping, maybe because of that as it said it has some limited functionality, but I think it is no longer compatible with latest museIO.
I have the first version of Muse, so I could connect and download museio and muselab, that no longer work with Muse 2, or even muse 2016…I have 2014 I think, so for me it works…

All of those things are available if you email

Hi Graeme, I’ve contacted Interaxon on the email address you mentioned, and another one too. I never got a reply. In any case the Google Spreadsheet now contains a direct download link to MuseDirect and MuseLab for anyone who’s looking!

Well you doing good that making Google spreadsheet with an overview also download links. But I need to know that what kind of information you want as I have emailed on aforementioned address but same like you did not get any response. wanted participate in it, if you required my presence.


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The Muse software application is not recognizing in a proper way. For this my printer also not working properly and it is showing Epson Printer Error 0xf1. This is very much annoying. I am looking for a solution.