Creating Muse Oculus cross


I am currently working on a project to get the Muse and Oculus to work together and am looking for any help on the subject. I don’t believe there are any plugins available, but any documentation on the muse and making plugins for it would be greatly appreciated!


Did you get any further with this? I’m looking into the same thing


Same here. I found that the head movements made the results extremely unreliable with constant disconnects. Have you modified the MUSE to fit into the VR headset better? That’s likely my next step.


Haven’t got far with it yet. Just been monitoring brain maps while in VR. Getting a decent connection is definitely fiddly. Have you been using the Muse to control anything in VR?


Are any of you at the point where you can verify or discount if there is any interference of the muse coming from the electrical signals of the oculus? Also, what if any modifications have you had to make to the muse or oculus to allow it to fit?