Data Quality Assessment



I was given some data from the Muse headset in CSV format and would like to collect more in the future for an analysis. This would be my first time analyzing EEG data from the MUSE headband.

My primary concern at the moment is quality of the data. I’m aware that EEG data is prone to movement artifacts, like eye blink. I want to first make sure that the sample data I have is cleaned of all these artifacts. I also want to make sure that, in general, the data is not too noisy to be interpreted. Could anybody help me with this?

Also, I noticed quite a few blank cells (i.e. missing values) in the CSV output file. What does this mean exactly? It is a major concern and is there a way to minimize the number of missing values?

Finally, I’d prefer solutions that do not involve coding, since that is not my area of expertise.