Delta & theta waves when awake


The delta and theta brain waves are supposed to represent our sleeping state so how come Muse headbands and Muse Monitor transmit important values of delta and theta when we are awake ? It doesn’t seem to make sense!

Thanks for your help


“Research has shown that although one brainwave state may predominate at any given time, depending on the activity level of the individual, the remaining three brain states are present in the mix of brainwaves at all times. In other words, while somebody is an aroused state and exhibiting a beta brainwave pattern, there also exists in that person’s brain a component of alpha, theta and delta, even though these may be present only at the trace level.”


Yes I agree as a Hypnotherapist, we always speak of just one state, but in reality we are speaking of the most dominant state at the time more so in a generalization term. This is the very reason I’m working on my research to record the brainwaves during hypnosis sessions to help explain this very question in a visual approach as well… Great Question and Nice Answer… just wanted to join in. Thanks!


Thanks m4ra,
Now I understand better.
So it is possible to have a surge or a kind of quick peak of delta wave for example while we are awake.

But how come in the Scientific American article that you mentioned, they do not discuss the gamma brain wave? The author claims that there is only 4 and not 5 brain waves!


Thanks. I’m interested to see the conclusion of your research.


I’m inviting people to join a collaboration site during this research if you’d be interested… I’m happy to include a link to join the team even if just a bystander or anyone else for that matter.


What does it entail?


Just a free group where anyone can join in conversations similar to this muse forum but the users will range from other hypnotherapist, other muse enthusiast and even just people interested in the results of my own experiments. I’ll eventually introduce my own theories, explain in detail my own experiments and share my results, encouraging others to also do the same and even share their experiments, etc… just a more focused group. My intent is to also make the connections where private projects can be started such as future product developments from critical research findings. Cost nothing to join, participate or lurk and stay informed…


Yes, I agree that we have all 4 brain waves actives all the time, but alpha theta and gamma should be minimal when we are awake. And with Muse recording it shows totally differently. And this is recurrent whatever the person who uses it. So I am starting to thing that those reading are just electric garbage and don’t represent actual alpha, theta, etc. So the whole Muse thing might just be an expensive scam in my opinion…


I’ve finished the 1st experiment of my research using hypnosis… have you seen the file yet? I’m happy to send it to you… along with an invite to the group so you can follow along with other experiments using the Muse as well.


Maybe your bluetooth communication is not working well. Any way there are some measurements I don’t understand why they have the amplitude they have. To my understanding delta for example must be most active in sleep and minimal in waking situation but I get a most active delta brain wave in waking situation!!!
Still, I really hope that you are wrong carlvan, especially that I have invested in Muse and Muse Monitor for my artistic installation and it is too late to go back now.


On my sessions, I have strong delta, and theta 3 on a graph and relatively flat up until I have a peak at or near 56-60hz even with notch filter clicked.


What about the other brain waves? Did you check your mobile bluetooth communication?


Hi Walid, I did testing under various conditions including recording with other compatible apps and I still have those deltas and there’s predominant while awake. So meaningless for me, I stopped using Muse.


Hi Carlvan, apparently we get all brainwaves at all times some have more amplitudes than others at certain situations !


Thomas, I’m very interested in your work. I’m a professor with Michigan State University. Since 2013 I’ve been designing and studying cybermeditation. Am just starting to explore brain waves and Muse. Let me know if you have any reports I can read! Thanks! Carrie Heeter, PhD. Professor of Media and Information, Michigan State University


I’m happy to share my results and experiments with you. I’ve sent you a LinkedIn connection request.


Hello Thomas, can you send me the link too ? thanks


I agree, but I did a short test keeping my eyes open. The resulting chart from that session showed the DELTA waves at the top of the chart which didn’t make sense to me. When I test myself in meditation, the chart shows the ALPHA waves at the top. So I would expect the DELTA waves to be at the top when I’m I’m active with my eyes open.


Hi, I would also like to learn about your research. I’ve started to hack together an app to increase flow states, but am also confused on how to calibrate and interpret the raw data to get something meaningful. Any help greatly appreciated!