Delta & theta waves when awake

I second that. Keep us all posted!

Hi tahilton I would love to see the results of your study. Can you send me the link to join your group?

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One thing to keep in mind is that the absolute Muse bands aren’t normalized, and waves in the brain have a characteristic 1/f amplitude. Lower frequencies like delta and theta will naturally have a larger amplitude than higher frequencies.


yep that’s totally true. i’ve also read that somewhere else as i have pretty much same thing.

New to the forum and interested in your research… Is the group still going as would welcome an invite:slight_smile:

I’m Ed. I’d love to know of your research related to hypnotherapy and brainwaves.

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Yo Tahilton, I would also like to be linked up with you as you continue your research. I am especially interested in the brain wave patterns associated with both, (a) the Muse headset and software, but moreover, (b) the brainwaves associated with our very highest and most “enlightened” states of awareness. E.g., what would a full-blown Mystical Experience look like? Sometimes when I’m using the Muse Monitor app and I am at my “calmest” or most deeply immersed state of awareness, when I peek at the monitor screen, my brainwaves lines will be running almost completely straight, and parallel to one another. Other times when I am deeply relaxed and looking at the monitor I will see the Alpha and Theta waves almost overlapping and running alongside one other. Its fascinating and I hope to be able to better visualize what the display results look like in relation to different states of awareness. Best wishes!


Hey, I did test my Muse readings with my friends as my Delta waves were on top too. They get similar results with Delta on top in very active scenarios like working on computer, chatting etc.

Anyone has good interpretation to this or does it mean Muse is not doing the measurements well?

That’s eye movement. not being in a Delta state. All EEG’s seem to have this problem. Especially the Muse. False positive. Best to be testing close eye, non eye movement, non-body movement meditation recording.


I can confirm this too. Eye movement especially blinking causes a lot of activity in the delta wave bands. However when taking more stable base lines delta is till on top. I’m glad I found this thread as I was thinking I might have brain damage! Tested on the rest of my family and the delta is high across the board. From my knowledge of FFT and DSP, most audio signals have higher amplitude in the lower part of the spectrum. I think we may need to adjust the raw signals for 1/f power-frequency relation-ships.

I think most real EEG signal analyzers use a filter to remove the eye movement from the signal. There is an option for it in Matlab/EEGlab. I wonder if that’s a universal algorithm or you have to map it for each person.

Hi. Im getting big delta waves too, im totally new to muse but would love to know how to adjust this and would love to know about eds research on waves!! Thanks

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Hi Tahiltonjr,

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Ditto for delta dominant on Muse monitor… I was brainmapped by neurobased psychologist and found to have delta dominance with eyes open at 3 standard deviations above population norms. I was seeking help with lifelong insomnia issue. I fall asleep quickly and easily when I lay down to sleep, HOWEVER, I wake up to conscious dreaming every hour to hour and half, and then fall back asleep. This pattern continues through the time allotted for sleep. We’re trying to understand if this kind of sleep disruption is related to delta dominance during waking hours. Any thoughts would be appreciated.

Where can i find a basic explanation of the various brain waves?

hi ,can you add me into your team.