Delta Waves & Stress


Hello fellow Muselings,

Wearing my Muse headband and measuring realtime data when on a stressful call I notice my Delta waves are far higher than the other brainwaves consistently. Does anyone know why this is?

I wondered if the Delta waves are trying to compensate for the stress … .


With the Muse headband Delta is the most susceptible to EMG muscle movement interference from things like eye movement/blinking. Do a comparison test where you keep your eyes closed/not moving and see if that affects your results.


Thank you - Extremely helpful!

So would the Muse be accurate to wear during periods of computer work to record alpha and beta waves?


Possibly not if you have a large wide screen monitor and your eyes are flicking back and forth. If you’re reading it’ll probably be OK as that produces slower eye movement and thus less interference, but doing something like Excel where your eyes are jumping from cell to cell will likely impact your accuracy.


What most of us in the forum are looking for is patterns. As a way to “reduce noise” on your search for patterns, you may check without stress how does the blinking and talking affect. And then eliminate those patterns and just look for the differences between stress and calm. So do a “hello” call to someone nice, record the call and watch correlations with talking vs brain waves, and then compare with the stressful call. Trying to discard all the moments where you are actually talking which affects the waves.
There is a gyroscope too, so you may try to do the things without moving the gyroscope.


Thanks for the information.