[demo] Muse data visualisation written in Processing


Hey all,

I’ve put together a small script to visualise the DSP data (fourier transformed brainwaves, by brainwave type) that Muse outputs in dsp mode.

I used to have a Zeo, and used Zeoscope to view this data, which I found quite interesting and which gave me a lot of insights into various brain states (focused, relaxed, concentrating, etc), and I was looking to put together something similar for the Muse.

I’m planning to extend this with data logging to file, replaying from a file, and displaying all of the data from a time period rather than just wrapping around when the screen is full, but this script should be a good starting point if anyone else is interested in having a play around.

The code is commented liberally, and I’ve only been using Processing for as long as I’ve been writing this script, so I may do things stupidly – apologies if this is the case.

Here’s the source: https://gist.github.com/sarahbennett/6fe8d4a6bcbb7efcc625



Hi Sarah -
Great job! Just wanted to make sure you also know about MuseLab, which can visualize the DSP data. There is also the program MusePlayer, which can convert the data into different formats(Matlab, CSV, etc) and replay previously saved data.


Hi Paul,

Yeah, I had a play with MuseLab but it didn’t visualise the data in a way that I found useful. I’ve played with EEG headbands in the past which have given me the data in a similar format to what my program displays, and it’s quite useful to just be able to glance at it to see what’s going on and to get a feeling for the trends. I found the MuseLab stuff wouldn’t let me do this, and wouldn’t plot the DSP data on the same axes, which meant I couldn’t compare the relative values as easily. Maybe it does offer this and I just couldn’t work out how to do it.


Hi Sarah,

Thanks for sharing!

I am I downloaded the needed Jar libraries but I cant get them to load even though I have put them in Processing/libraries/. But i am still getting the following errors:

No library found for oscP5
No library found for netP5

Could you tell me what I did wrong?




Hi Sarah,

There’s actually an option in MuseLab under the Visualizer Settings Tab. Under the Data Curves heading if you disable the spread evenly checkbox you can plot the DSP data on the same axis.

We use this tool internally all the time, it has a lot of functionality and features, I suggest you explore it a bit. The tutorial here has some basic information.

But there is quite a bit more features available as well. You can also use stationary plots to view FFT plots.

Hope that helps.