Developers, Please Keep Blind/Visually-impaired Users In Mind


Hi. First, let me publically thank Muse for making their app accessible in the latest version. The original Calm app was 100% unusable, and the new app is almost perfect when used with Voiceover, the screen reader built into iOS. I wish all developers were this conscientious and adaptable. :slight_smile:
There are still some wrinkles, but certainly nothing that stops me from using the app. Great job!

That said, this is just a polite note to you all to please consider users who are blind when developing your own third-party iOS apps. Your device already has Voiceover included as part of the OS, and I encourage you to give it a spin.

Here is a page listing various iOS accessibility resources.

Thanks for considering this aspect of development.



Oh, and if you’d like me to try your app and provide feedback on its accessibility or lack thereof, please get in touch.


I’ll submit a ticket to Muse, but does anybody know how I can change from beach scene to rain forest in the app? The app instructs me to swipe down, but Voiceover (the iOS screenreder) uses that gesture already. It would be nice if this could also be adjusted under Settings, or if tapping on it brought up both choices, similar to tapping on session duration brings up the options for that.