Developing "deep work" feedback app



I got a Muse 2 to help with my meditation practice, and after learning about the developer SDK, I got excited about using it for other applications.

Specifically, I thought it would be interesting to use it as a tool to gently guide someone into a “Deep Work” state. That is, focused on a task in front of them.

I have experience building Android and iOS/Apple Watch apps, as well as rudimentary experience with machine learning and signal processing.

Does anyone have insight into whether this is a feasible concept given the technology? Can anyone give me first steps into developing something like this? I was thinking that contrasting beta and alpha waves with theta and gamma waves may give some sort of indicator as to how focused on a task one is, however, that may not be able to differentiate between focusing on the task at hand, and say, getting distracted by an article or message that someone sends you.

Any help or hints or collaboration would be appreciated!


Bump! and adding link to the project website: