Developper SDK for Windows


Hello everyone,

Is anyone know when the API Reference for Windows will be available?
And will it be possible to develop in JAVA with this API Reference?




Hi Mathieu,

I’ve been far from this forum for about 6 months, but as beeing the 3rd in the Members List in number of posts, all I can tell you is that the SDK for Windows was expected to be released by the end of APRIL/2015 (yes! [B]2015[/B] about a year ago … it’s not a mistype). The Interaxon team is allways changing their priorities … I don’t know why!

For now, by my side, I just gave up. Good Luck !

And [B]YES! [/B] … [B]WHEN[/B] and [B]IF[/B] it’s released it will probably be possible to develop with any developing tool that can register the SDK (any kind of C language and even others not based on C, C++, C#, etc.)



Hi all, is there any update on the release date of the SDK for Windows? Thanks, Monica


Now that we have released libmuse support for both Muse 2014 and Muse 2016 for iOS and Android, we are turning our attention to Windows. We never give dates for when we will release something but it is now our highest priority.


How’s that highest priority doing since it’s been 3 months?


Patience is a virtue :wink: We are working on it and it’s coming soon! If you haven’t signed up to be a beta user for it yet and would like to be, let me know.
All the best,


Yes, would love to!


Paulb perhaps the interaxon web pages could mention that muse-io does not work with muse “2016”


The Windows SDK BETA version has just been released, check it out in this post.