Difference between profiles 14 and 15


I was looking at the profiles here :

I entered all the parameters for each profile into a spreadsheet so I could easily compare them.

I can’t discern any difference between profiles 14 and 15. The only difference I can tell is that profile 15 contains the additional verbage 4CH(ear clips) and 4 channels ([SIZE=13px]2 forehead+2 ear clips) rather than just 4CH and 4 channels. This does not appear to make any difference in the parameters.



Hi Tom,

That’s documentation leftover from when we were prototyping headbands with auxiliary electrodes - we’re not currently supporting that anymore. Please just use preset 14. I’ve updated the preset page on the developer site to be more clear.


Looks like you updated the Mac SDK install. I’m probably going to wait to reinstall until after my project is finished (early December).

Was looking at the instructions here : https://sites.google.com/a/interaxon.ca/muse-developer-site/developer-getting-started-guide

It mentions making sure that pyliblo is installed. This is the spot where I got stuck with the old SDK install.

The docs are looking much better.