Differenciate calm from active SDK


Hello, I would like to use the sdk but you provide raw data and you don’t give how to use it.
I understand you don’t want to tell how to calculate calm and active because it is secret, but is there a way to use the sdk to know when the state is calm and when is it active? Otherwise there is nothing we can do with it… :confused:

thank you


Actually, you can. But you should know how to deal with EEG-signal (it’s a raw data, that are provided by Muse). And yes, without this knowledge raw data is useless.


Yes i know how to access raw data but i dont know how to use it.
For reference emotiv epok doesnt tell you how the calculate push pull etc… But they provide a function in sdk to know which state is the user in. I was looking for something like this…
I think very surprising and frustrating that they dont provide it … ! :confused:


I understand you. Yes, it’s rather strange that they don’t provide such functions within SDK. They calculate your mental state, so they know how to process EEG-data to understand your state. They could make a proprietary (closed) part of SDK with such functions but they didn’t. They told us that they provide device for developers but actually it’s more fore developers-neurophysiologists.