Different results on different accounts


Hi! Me and my girlfriend recently purchased a Muse headband and created two individual accounts.

I’ve been doing great, a bit too great actually, getting results like 98% calm two days in a row, while she has been getting around 20-40 % calm.
Today she used Muse and forgot to switch account. While on my account, she got 97% calm.

To try if there were a difference between accounts, I did 2 sessions in a row, first on her account and then on mine. As expected, I got 90+% calm on my account but only 20% on her account. She did the same thing and got the same result: a much, much better result on my account.

tl;dr: We are getting significantly different results depending on which account we are logged in to. What’s going on?


Hi Hundras,

Please write to us at customercare@choosemuse.com we can help you out with this issue.

Muse compares your brain signals to a historical model of your past sessions which should make your sessions more accurate over time, I’d like to escalate this issue with our research team to see what could be going on here.

One thing to try in the mean time is to create a new account, do 10 sessions in earnest without sharing it. Ensure during each session, you have your eyes closed both during the calibration and during the session, and just try to keep your attention on your breath. Let us know if this has improved your experience.

It is possible to corrupt the historical model, for instance if I were to experiment by doing different activities while wearing the headband during my first 10 sessions, this could result in very inaccurate readings going forward, as each new session is being compared to a range of potentially wildly different sessions.


Have you figured this problem out yet?

I have actually had a similar experience. No matter how I am, I have been getting 98-99 percent. The first time I used muse, I got 1 percent. I do the calibration each time with my eyes closed, and come up with the answers at a normal pace. I get birds right away, even when I am blatantly distracted by things (I even answered a phone call and it still said 99% with no recoveries). I emailed muse and they just asked if I was doing the calibrations correctly.

It’s very odd!