Difficulty level - what does it do?


What does the difficulty level setting do?

I find it easier to get a high calm rating on the DIFFICULT setting than the normal setting.


That’s strange. I will try normal mode to see what happens.


I’m always on the difficult setting :slight_smile:


Bump: Any comment from Muse on this?

Personally, I’m a bit worried that Muse has abandoned the users the Calm app. There are no new updates, none of the promised upgrades and no explanation what the settings do.


Hi HongT,

Just replied to your question on this topic in this thread: http://forum.choosemuse.com/forum/main-forum/3587-where-to-get-support-for-the-calm-app

To reiterate: “The Difficulty Level controls how dramatically the sounds change with brain state. It doesn’t affect your score or number of birds, just the auditory feedback during a session.”

So it just has to do with how rapidly and intensely the sounds fluctuate, not your actual calm percentage.


Thank you for your reply, it is useful to know what the sounds mean.


I’m not sure I would call this “difficulty”, then. “Responsiveness” might be more appropriate. Difficulty would be needing to be even calmer to keep the winds low.