Difficulty streaming from Muse Monitor to MuseLab


I have been connecting my Muse 2016 model to an iPad with Muse Monitor, and can see that it is paired correctly (good connection on the horseshoe; I can see the brainwaves). I am attempting to stream this data to my MacBook on which I have installed MuseLab, but it does not appear to be working. I followed the instructions from a previous thread on this forum (How to use Muse Monitor OSC streaming?) and entered my IP address into Muse Monitor, have Muse Monitor set at 5000 and MuseLab set at 5000 UDP, and loaded the suggested config file into MuseLab… but haven’t had success at connecting the streamed data to MuseLab. I have tried this at two locations, one using a private wifi connection and one using a university wifi connection.

Can anyone offer some insight on what I might be doing wrong? A screenshot from the iPad (Settings window on Muse Monitor) is below


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And here is a screenshot of the MuseLab window.


Make sure that your iPad and Mac are on the same Wifi network and that the IP you’re entering into Muse Monitor, is the LAN ip. It will likely start with 192.168. or 10.10.

Failing that, you may have a firewall on the Mac blocking the traffic.

The last thing to check would be the network itself. Some school networks block all UDP traffic to stop people playing games over the network. So if it’s not working, try your network at home.