Direct Live Feedback - For The Visually Inclined!


I absolutely LOVE The MUSE!!! I have been addicted to it!! Can’t put it away, Love the motivation of wanting to WIN more Birds!!! 1 Question: Is it possible to have an option whereby we would be able to Look Directly at our Live Image of our Brain Frequencies, and have it categorized live to show us which frequencies are causing us to be Active, Neutral, and Which are the ones that register us as Calm. I know our eyes should be closed. However, it would be AWSOME for those of us that are Visual to have this Direct Live Feedback of what’s going on Live to our Brains. This would in some may train us visually to see Live how sudden changes in our concentration and thoughts, have a Direct Live change in the feedback on screen. This could be practiced when some of us that use a soft gaze slightly opened eye gaze when meditating. I do not always want to close my eyes, I try to have a de-centered soft (barely opened eyes) on the screen to see some change, even though I just need to listen for the birds. (It would be even more fun to have rewarding and motivating images, or colours, that could display this Change from Active to Calm, and From Neutral to Active, and Active to Calm, and From to recognize sudden drops in activity, such as Very Active, to an immediate Very Calm!, Colors, Zen Gardens, a river that goes from Active to calm, Rain to Sunny day, A highway of cars, to just a few cars, the options are endless! What would be nice is that we the user have the option to customize that visualise experience, according to our preferences, this would help positively train our interaction with muse, in a completely different way, and would help keep us concentrated by not having to keep the eyes closed, but understand how in the real world, by keeping the eyes open; we could better understand the patterns we have or habits of how we become distracted and how we wander off. (please let me know what you think!) Thank you for such an AMAZING and Life Changing Product!!