Disappointed with the Muse Ambassador program because

My wife got me the Muse 2 for Christmas along with the case, it’s pretty expensive yet it’s a good tool and I like it! It has even got my wife to try meditating.
Unfortunately they released the new one after Christmas!

As a PT & coach I encourage my clients to try out meditation and have always recommended the Sam Harris Waking Up App. Having now practiced with Muse 2 since Xmas (I wanted to practice before recommending to friends) I began suggesting Muse to my clients.

Two of my clients bought the Muse this week via the ambassador program, which means I have earned two vouchers worth $60 total.

Today I tried to redeem the reward vouchers, and put them towards purchasing a guided meditation bundle, only to discover that the vouchers cannot be redeemed for such a purchase!?

I’m now disappointed, because it looks like the ambassador program is only useful towards buying a new muse?

Very disappointed because of this. The headset it pricey, fair enough. Yet the fact we cannot use rewards towards purchasing a meditation package is pretty shit. Also disappointed that we cannot track brain waves without the use of a third party app.

Complaint over! ha. Have a great day


Muse seems impressive with the dance website, apps and all the advertising they do, but getting in touch with one of the Muse employees is virtually impossible. So sharing information and data is probably all down to 3rd party establishments and maybe nothing to do with Muse. I suspect Muse is purely focussed on profits and anything good from the product comes from separate people to Muse company, hence your issue.

I know and respect how you feel, I don’t think Muse share your respect.

All the best