Disconnecting to Muse continually


I’m building a simple one page app off the MuseStatiOS example. The Muse connects to my iOS device and has until about 2 hours ago connected to the app perfectly though when the say hi alert pops up continually. The device seems to be connecting and disconnecting from the app continually but I can’t see anywhere that is calling the disconnect or connect and the device remains connected to my phone over all.

Any suggestions as to what is happening here?


Near the end of LoggingListener.m in receiveMuseConnectionPacket there is a line that will try to reconnect to the Muse if the connection state is IXNConnectionStateDisconnected.

     [self.delegate performSelector:@selector(reconnectToMuse)

This starts an asynchronous connection request to the Muse. If the connection request fails for any reason, the state will return to IXNConnectionStateDisconnected, triggering another reconnect.

Commenting out that line will stop the reconnect loop.

I am not sure why the Muse would have disconnected initially though. If the battery is low, then that may have been the cause. Try fully charging it and see if the behaviour persists.

If that doesn’t help you could also try a factory reset on the Muse. To do that, hold the power button down for about 20-25 seconds. You will see the lights flash and then the Muse will power off. After the reset, you may need to forget the device and pair it with your iOS device again.

Hope that helps.