Dispenza books, wave app


Hi, im a joe dispenza fan and trying to measure brain waves with muse to know which wave is more powerful at any given time of my meditation. If anybody is also trying to do that please contact me. The closest app I found is wave app but theres not much info on how it measures waves exactly. Has anybody found anything more accurate?? Thanks


I use the “Muse Monitor” app. I did a little review of the Muse 2 and the Muse Monitor app on youtube - you can use it to record the waves to dropbox and then their website has a charting option so you can see which waves are dominant. You can measure the collated info or individual sensors as well. Here’s the link to my review/quick instructions - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RgjjEY3RtTQ


Thanks spirittlk, i tried muse monitor app but never made it to the charting software, I will check it up!