Does anyone have experience creating CSV's from the muse data on android?



Hello, and apologies for posting in another thread about this, as it was not the topic of the thread. Currently I am developing a mobile app that is compatible for the Muse. At the moment I am attempting to get the raw EEG data and put it into a CSV file format.

I know I could get the eeg value in each channel with getEegChannelValue() and I could write the current buffer to a file with addDataPacket() [I believe]. But would this just give me a .muse file? I know .csv files are supported but how would I go about writing the EEG data to a .csv file?

Thank you in advance and please let me know if I am understanding something wrong.


You can do this with Muse Monitor (Android)(iOS)


Well I want to develop an app myself that does this? Could you lead me into the right direction as far as saving unto a CSV?


Start here:


thanks I’ll have a look!