Download raw data from Calm sessions


That wouldn’t really mean anything, but if you want to get that data, you can record to CSV and just do an average of the columns in excel.

For example, average alpha would be the formula “=AVERAGE(A : D)/4”.


Interesting Calm and Active are shown in Muse Monitor… any idea what Muse is doing in those algorithms?


Interaxon doesn’t say much about the Mellow and Concentration data packets except that they are experimental.

Packet contains only one value, which is a mellow score, calculated by Muse Elements algorithm. Approximately 30 seconds are required before algorithm will start producing correct values. Range [0; 1]. This packet is experimental.


Hi, I wanted to second the suggestion of adding sounds. I just purchased the app yesterday for iPhone. Thanks for making this! Audio feedback is a great idea, allowing one to close one’s eyes and enabling use by the blind community. However, I would suggest not using pure sinewaves or even harmonically enriched tones. This could be somewhat monotonous. Interaxon’s approach of sounds like birds chirping, rain etc. would be more pleasing. I suggest something like a forest chorus. Each item could be a different animal and/or sound (crickets, frogs, stream, etc.) that would sound when a threshold is passed. If the user can select which sounds to turn on, they could focus on parameter of interest. Also, the result would be a relaxing forest chorus that you could control with your mind!


Works like a charm, James, and so intuitive that I could use it immediately! I look forward to reviewing the dropbox recording to see what the saved output looks like. Thanks


hello… Enigma, I am using your app for do my final task.
could you explain the raw data within frequency? is the raw data from each electrode have a microvolts data? thanks


Correct, the raw eeg is in microvolts.
These are the raw electrical signals from the electrodes without any processing.


Hi, is it possible that raw EEG are saved in csv files with a sample per second? Anyway to increase the rate?


Yes, go to Muse Monitor settings and change the recording Interval. If you want the full 220Hz(MU-01)/256Hz(MU-02) rate, select “Constant” :slight_smile: