DROPPED_EEG MuseDataPacketType


I’m looking to add proper handling in my code for dropped eeg packets. Looking here http://android.choosemuse.com/enumcom_1_1interaxon_1_1libmuse_1_1_muse_data_packet_type.html the documentation for the packet type says “Packet stands in for n dropped samples of the un-dropped type. This packet is sent before EEG data packet. Size of the values array for this packet is always 3.”

So - 3? Really? What are those 3 numbers for? Or is this documentation just wrong?


From the iOS header file for data packet type

     * Packet contains information about signal quantization.
     * Size of the values array for this packet is always equal to the size
     * of EEG packet and has the same channel mapping.
     * Each index in this packet corresponds to the same index in an EEG packet.
     * Quantization occurs when there is a particularly noisy signal, which
     * generally happens when there is not a good contact between the headband
     * and the skin.
     * Higher numbers are worse; 1 is no quantization, and 16 is maximum
     * quantization.
     * These values are used under the hood by the library and by %Muse Elements
     * in reconstructing the EEG signal and contributing to an overall measure
     * of noise; it is extremely unlikely that you will be interested in them.
     * For measuring noise, it is recommended to instead use the more useful
     * computed values like 'headband_on' or 'horseshoe'.
     * Each quantization packet applies to the next 16 EEG packets.

So my best guess would be that size 3 means 0,1,2,3, one for each of the four sensors.