DSP not recognised in MuseIO


I had been using muse-io --device Muse --osc osc.[B]udp[/B]://localhost:5000 --preset 14 --dsp for a while and it was working just fine, but now I don’t know for what reason the command won’t run with the --dsp and museio doesn’t seen to recognise it. I can run the same command without --dsp just fine but when I add it it doesn’t run and returns a text saying: Allowed options: and lists a number of options I can use meaning that --dsp is not allowed I guess.

I can’t find a reason why museio won’t allow me to use --dsp given that it was working before.

Any ideas?


hi, the new version has “–dsp” by default, i.e, you don’t have to use it.


Really??I was going crazy trying to make it work! Thanks a lot!!


The new version [B][SIZE=3]MuseSDKv3.0.1, [/SIZE][/B]now has a new version [B][SIZE=3]MuseSDKv3.0.2 [/SIZE][/B]just 3 days after its release.

–dsp is now back (you can use it, but no need as it’s the default). If you dont want, use --no-dsp