Earpiece connectivity issues


After a week of flawless performance, I can no longer establish a consistent connection with the two earpiece sensors. Even with multiple users, the headset has required only minor adjustments in the past, but now I can only receive flashing red outlines on both the ear sensor indicators. Since both indicators flash often at the same time, I tend to think that it isn’t an issue with the sensors themselves.

I have adjusted the headset endlessly, cleaned and reset the headset, and removed my glasses and earphones to eliminate possible obstructions (I have no hair) and have run out of options. Is anyone else experiencing similar issues or have any suggestions?

The one time I did establish a good enough connection for a three minute session my frustration with the connection setup was confirmed in my results…Thanks.


Yes, I’ve been seeing the same problem with two different headsets. The sensors on the forehead are fine – it’s only the sensors above the ears.

I noticed it the first time I used version 1.5.16 of Calm and it continues to be a recurring problem with version 1.5.17


Thanks for your reply. It didn’t work for about twelve hours (several attempts) then this afternoon I connected without any problem and has been rock solid ever since.

Nothing had changed (I didn’t do anything different), so I’m really puzzled…


This morning, both ear sensors were pulsing together between full and partial connectivity like a heartbeat. The fact that they are both going out in tandem indicates to me that it is not a sensor issue. In a couple of days, I can try it with another head and another phone (Android vs Iphone 4S) to see if if it is an issue with the platform.

Disappointing, because I’ve just got to the point where I am trusting the usefulness of the data otherwise, and integrated it into my daily routine.


I’m still seeing this problem with the new version of Calm (version 1.5.18), but I found a workaround: exit Calm (not suspend, exit) and then restart the app.

Earlier today, I spent about five minutes readjusting the headband in an unsuccessful attempt to get a good signal from all the sensors. After restarting Calm, all the sensors in the headband status indicator (the thing that looks like a horseshoe) showed solid colors, and it did this without me readjusting the headband in between the restart.

I’ve seen this happen before when launching different versions of Calm (i.e., exiting a beta version and launching a release version), but I never made the connection until now.

This would seem to indicate a problem with Calm’s initialization code (a race condition?).

Tested on Android 4.4.4, no idea if this is even a problem on iOS.

BTW, there’s another oddity which may be related to this problem. I think it started with a recent version of Calm, and it is 100% reproducible when you’re on the home screen (or most other screens in the app):

When the horseshoe is showing solid colors for all the sensors, blink.

Result: About 1.5 seconds after blinking, both the left and right ear sensors on the horseshoe will flicker to an outline, and then revert back to a solid color.

This happens only with the ear sensors, never the forehead ones. Why?


Thanks for the update. In my case, my connectivity issues occurred in Europe and cleared up once I returned home. As far as the earpiece sensors flashing on blinking, I’ve noticed exactly the same thing and chalked it up to a muscle reaction in that area (I’m no doctor!). Generally though, I took the reaction as a positive indication of the sensitivity of the device…


Blinks affect the signals in the ears because the reference is located on the forehead. This is why you see blinks effect the signal of the ears and not the forehead.


I started using Muse last Wednesday (7th JAN 2015) and had no problems with the sensors. Yesterday, Friday 9th JAN 2015 it was not possible anymore to keep the earsensors safely connected. It only worked by pressing them with my fingers to the ears. I use Samsung S3 and the newest App. I also signed out and signed in again - no change. What can I do?


Did you try exiting the app and relaunching it? I rarely bother with adjusting the headband because I’ve found that usually doesn’t help. Restarting almost always fixes the problem.


Just a small note: when you’re adjusting the headband, you must remain still for a short period of time after moving it in order to see if the fit has actually improved. Any movement of the headband will cause large amounts of noise which will take a little while to die down.

The quality of the skin-electrode connection improves gradually with time, and when this connection is disrupted, that process starts over to a certain degree. Your signal will likely not be perfect in the early seconds after you adjust the headband. I find that adjusting the headband, then sitting still and waiting at least 10-20s while observing the horseshoe indicator is a good method. It’s possible that the quality of your skin-electrode connection was improving naturally during the time that the app was restarted.

If you try this method and you still find you can’t get good signal quality, you can contact our customer care team at community@interaxon.ca to initiate the return process.