EEG-BMI Paradigms to use with the Muse


Hey guys,

A little survey to know which paradigms you guys have been using with the Muse, for brain-computer applications. Here’s a list of the paradigms, that I’ve been using myself:

  • Control over alpha band power (close your eyes and relax), I also notice an anti-correlated effect on the gamma band power of frontal areas during that task.
  • Teeth/jaw clenching.
  • Eyes blinking.

I also plan on trying these:

  • Motor imagery. It should trigger power in the contra-lateral hemisphere (mu frequency band) and a desynchronization of the hemispheres.
  • Mental rotation
  • Mental navigation

I was also told that the beta frequency band could be harnessed, but I haven’t look at which kind of mental tasks could be used.

Has anybody had any results with these or any other paradigms using the Muse?