EEG data, from app to computer


Is there any android app from which I can extract EEG raw data (which was recorded using muse headband) to a computer?


I wrote an app called Muse Monitor to do just that :slight_smile:
Here is a sample of what you can get from the app. You can view it online with Muse Monitor’s online Charts. This was recorded at 1Hz, but you can adjust to the full 256Hz via settings.


Hi Enigma644.

Thanks for your informations. But can I do these things real time?


Yes. You can stream via OSC and view that stream live in Interaxon’s Muse Lab, or any other software that supports OSC. You can also stream and record at the same time if you want.


Thanks a lot, man. Would you mind if I knock you when I get stuck in any problem?


No problem. Support email is on the website :slight_smile:


We have an app called Muse Direct available on the App store which can do this. You can visualize, record, stream data from all of our devices: Muse, Muse 2, and the Focus Glasses.