EEG Data Recorded on MuseLab on Windows 10


I’m currently using MuseLab on my Windows 10 to record EEG data from the Muse 2016 headset. I have connected my Muse headset to my computer by using the Muse Direct (Beta) software. When I get the EEG data to display, the signal coming from the frontal sensors is much different than the signal coming from the tempo-parietal sensors. An example is shown below:

Has anyone dealt with a similar problem and know what could be going on?


This noise is usually the result of a bad headband fit.

You may have some hair in the way of the sensors.
Tie back your hair, checking in the mirror for stray hairs.

You may also not have them pressed up against your ears enough.
Lastly you can try moistening the sensors by dipping your finger in water and rubbing your finger lightly over the sensor pad where it contacts the skin. Although they’re called “dry” sensors, they actually rely on a thin band of sweat to conduct the electric signal, so you can help it along with a little water.


I have the similar problem on Muse Direct and Muse Monitor. I did all things what You mentioned in Your post and nothing helped.

I noticed also that there is a spike on the chart at 50 Hz.

I have Muse 2016 version.