EEG in Hertz


I am currently studying the EEG data get from Muse 2016.
As I known the EEG data get from Muse headband is in microvolts unit
or the relative data get is in bels unit…
May I ask is it possible to convert the EEG data into hertz unit for calculation?
Your answer is much appreciated, thank you


Calculating discrete frequency values from raw EEG data is a little complex, but if you’re interested in how to do it, here is a link to the source code to do it in pretty much every single programming language.

If you don’t know how to code, then my advice would be to ask a friend who does know to help you, as FFT’s will be a little daunting as a first step into the world of code.


Is it means if I need to calculate the frequency I need to use the FFT to do it?




Thanks for your information…I have look through the code you have given…May I know if I use FFT to calculate EEG, what will be my input of FFT calculation?


Raw EEG sets in, frequency sets out.


Ok, thank you


How to get the raw FFT per channel?
I have read through the API reference but did not see any class that have raw_fft value…
the museDataPacket has only the EEG, alpha, beta absolute and so on…but does not have raw fft value…


Your answer is much appreciated.
I have used FFT to calculate EEG, but the results is different than the FFTs calculated by MUSE,
Would know any reason why this might happen?