EEG Scale waves


Hello everybody

I use Muse for 1 month and everything works very well. I also use Muse Monitor and .csv fils to have graphs, but the scale is based on the time of the recording, and you couldn’t change the scale.
So I can’t compare my recordings to those you can have in institute with standards EEG.
I tried EEGLab on MatLab but it’s too complicated :exploding_head: for me (I’m not a programmer​:nerd_face:) and nothing work.
I tried MuseLab but there is no shortcuts in the toolbar to import files and read them.

Someone has got a solution for me? Is there no easy software who can read .csv files?


Try Neurovisual. Excellent program. Might take a bit of time to get used to but it’s manageable.


@olivier you can zoom in on the Online Charts. Just use your mouse scroll wheel, or on a touch screen use two finger pinch to zoom in/out.


Thank you for this new way, but it’s for PC. It looks the best as I can see on the website. If I didn’t find anything on Mac I’ll try this with a PC I’ll buy…!


Thank you Enigma, I did’t see that I could do this with the online monitor.
I’ll see if it’s enough for my research.


Excel works well