EEG Signals active even when the deice is not on my head


I have been unable to distinguish the EEG data captured while the device is on my head and when the device is not on my head.

I have tried everything from shutting off the headset and closing Muse Direct to clear out any potential buffers to wiping my head with a damp cloth: there is no difference between having it on and not having it on - which as you can guess is fairly problematic.

While recording and NOT on my head it has a clearly defined oscillating pattern, just as it does while on my head, which leads me to believe that the “brainwaves” I am seeing are actually the noise from the headset’s circuitry itself.

Does anyone have any thoughts on this?


Well let’s take a gander. Got a screenshot, MuseMonitor screenshot or CSV or .muse file we can look @?