Eeglab vs csv muse file


Hello everyone
Can same one help me with an advice/ link. I need details about how to load the data from csv file exported from muse software, into Eeglab software. The “Chanel location” is the option on Eeglab but I don’t figure how to match the data.

As you know the csv exported have this structure:
Delta_TP9 Delta_AF7 Delta_AF8 Delta_TP10
Theta_TP9 Theta_AF7 Theta_AF8 Theta_TP10
Alpha_TP9 Alpha_AF7 Alpha_AF8 Alpha_TP10
Beta_TP9 Beta_AF7 Beta_AF8 Beta_TP10
Gamma_TP9 Gamma_AF7 Gamma_AF8 Gamma_TP10

The Eeglab have the option “Read chanel option”, and the chanels TP9, TP10, AF7, AF8 .
Please help me with details how to connect the csv data to Eeglab .

Thank you


I think, that you should process your output csv-files to convert them into required structure. If I were you I would write an app for such conversion. You just had to read all data from the file and write it in another structure.


how would I go about saving the data into a csv file on an android application?


the android aplication have option to rekord data in save them in csv format.


I see an option to record data and save as a Muse file but where can i find t save in csv?

Edit: do you have name of the function or a link?


you have the option to save in CSV file, look on your android menus search on every option with patiens and you will find the way to save in csv and send them


do you mean on this api doc:

Edit: it seems maybe my reply in the wrong thread. I am talking about developing an app with the muse API in order to get data into a csv and use that csv data inside the application. This thread I believe is more about using the muse application and getting the csv data. I will make a new thread. Apologies as I am new to muse.