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Hi All,

I saw a demo video a while ago where the Muse was put onto a person and they were asked to start typing on a computer. They started out typing something basic (“I’m at a conference”, something like that). The font was basic. Then the demonstrator asked the person to think about her daughter (I believe) and keep typing. The font turned all flowery and fancy script. I have been poking around the websites and forums, but don’t believe anything like that quite exists. I think the Muse Monitor would be the closest? Is there anything that translates your brainwaves into a picture, or some kind of image that aren’t a bunch of lines associated with and EEG Monitor?

Are there really only two affordable apps that it works with (if you’re not a developer or therapist) at present? I also found that e-Avitar one, but it appears to be around $500? And I know my way around a computer, but a developer I am not. Can a layperson use the developer apps? Are they of any use other than to develop?

Any input/ clarification would be appreciated. Just learning about this thing and trying to understand the applications before buying one. It seems strange (for these days) that a gadget is really only used for one thing - meditation (of course, please correct me if i’m wrong!).




Hi Kat,

There aren’t any commercial visualizers available for Muse yet, I don’t think. I’m currently writing a tutorial for developers on how to create a simple visualizer for Muse using our Research Tools. The examples from that tutorial might be interesting to you, and should be fairly easy to use if you follow the instructions. That ought to be posted in the next week or so.

Certainly you could use MuseLab or Muse Monitor to check out and play with the data from Muse, also.


Thanks, Tom. I’m looking at creating a documentary working with something like this. I’ll keep an eye out!


Hi @Kittyran

That sounds quite interesting.

Would you be able to dig up the demo video?

From what you’ve mentioned, I really don’t see that to be a difficult task. I’ve been using EEG to curate experiences in VR and also to control crossfading of multi-track orchestral performances for PTSD patients using my own developed apps and it can be very enlightening and rewarding.

My latest work as at the time of writing this is in the link below. A game of competitive mindfulness whereby players are given a score based on their mindfulness and push the other player “off the wall”.

On Saturday I am also demonstrating a “Mind Sync” whereby you play Void Invaders but the shoot button doesn’t work unless you match the other players mental state within 10%.

There’s simply too much fun and world changing opportunity to be had in this space… really.

I’d love to hear more about your documentary too.



I guess, you’re looking for this: http://neurogadget.com/2012/12/05/interaxon-ceo-ariel-garten-demoes-emotype-a-mood-based-text-editor-for-the-muse-headband-video/6367

Now here is my question: Where to get this piece of software?

Best regards Frederik