Equivocal references in docs -- and maybe not



I find two sets of electrode references in official Muse documents.

In this doc – http://developer.choosemuse.com/research-tools/available-data – you’ll find the electrodes as corresponding to positions TP9, FP1, FP2, TP10, DRL, REF

In this other doc – http://storage.googleapis.com/ix_choosemuse/uploads/dev-site/Technical%20Specifications%2C%20Validation%2C%20and%20Research%20Use%20-%202016%20v6.pdf – you’ll find the electrodes as corresponding to TP9, AF7, AF8, TP10, ref is described as FPz (CMS/DRL)

The second set seems more recent if I trust the mentions made in various messages in this forum. Could it be that this set and corresponding position of electrodes have changed between the first and second versions of the headband?

It wouldn’t change anything for me, but I’m curious to know.


Unity Alpha Relative Packet

On a persons head, standard scalp electrode positions are each a fixed number of degrees apart. [Wikipedia:10-20 system](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/10-20_system_(EEG)

However, on the Muse headband, each electrode is fixed distance apart, due to the way it’s manufactured as a flexible but non-elastic strip.

This means that on a large head, the Muse electrode positions will be closer to FP1 and FP2, but on a smaller head they will be closer to AF7 and AF8.

Both the older MU-01 and MU-02 headbands have the electrodes fixed at the same distance, so I think this documentation change is likely just due to a better understand of average head sizes.


That makes sense. Thanks!

I must absolutely praise Muse Monitor while I have your attention, James. It’s really well done and the OSC broadcasting is extremely useful, even the more so on the mac.



Thank you very much :slight_smile: