Error in documentation for Data Streaming Protocol


Hi I am currently working on an iOS app using the data streaming protocol.

While trying to breakdown the packets, it has come to my attention that the documentation for [B]Uncompressed EEG[/B] seems to have an error in wording for the diagram. (see link)

The payload states “8 byte payload” with perhaps 10bits x 4 padded.
But upon testing I discovered that it is in fact 10bits x 4 = 40bits = 5 bytes.
The “8 byte payload” causes a confusion and should be corrected to “5 byte payload”.

Please do confirm if my understanding is correct and perhaps change it to prevent others from getting confused like me.
Thank you!


Hi NineTen,

You’re correct, it’s a simple documentation error in the numbering. Luckily it is apparent it should be 5 bytes. Thank you for pointing it out we will make sure to correct it shortly.