Error in running muse-player


I use command terminal to run the muse-player, but it informs that muse-play.exe stops run. I don’t know what problem it happens. Command line like “muse-player -l 5000 -M recordData.cvs” is right? Even if I only type “muse-player”, it shows the same error. My computer is 64bits with win8.1. is muse-player available to the running environment of my computer? I want to get the data from muse-io and store them as a file in cvs format by muse-player. How can I solve the problem? my sdk is the latest one already.
Anybody can help me? please! thank you very much.


Hi MarthaLiu,

It would help if you had post the exact error message that you got.

As far as I know Muse-Player is running ok in any OS. But I can see some errors in the command line you mention:
First - take note of wich protocol you are using to send packets from Muse-IO (TCP or UDP) … this will affect the -l input parameter
Second - the argument to output to .CSV files is -C (-M is for output to MatLab file format)

so, the correct command line should be:

muse-player -l udp:5000 -C recordData.csv (if Muse-IO is sending UDP packets) or
muse-player -l tcp:5000 -C recordData.csv (if Muse-IO is sending TCP packets)

HTH, Eduardo