Estimated Release date, desktop SDK's (Windows / Linux)


Is there an ETA on the desktop SDK’s? Windows or Linux, as I don’t have a Mac.
Apologies if this topic exists - I couldn’t get the search to filter both SDK and Windows.


Unfortunately this has been a lower priority for our SDK development team, but we are hopefully to have a release for Windows sometime in Q1 to early Q2 2016.


Please check the Mobile World Congress 2016, HP is introducing a new (business) windows 10 mobile phone. It is a sign of increasing confidence to windows 10. It would be great if there is a priority to release the Windows SDK dll soon. We have implemented MindWave for Windows 10 mobile. It would be great to include MUSE in our solution.

The main reason of renewing interest to Windows 10 mobile is the fact that it is possible to share your (e.g. in this case Mental Training through MUSE) on Windows 10 mobile through Continuum to a desktop display in a corporate environment with other people!