Event markers channel

Hello Muse community,

in which channel can I find the event markers, that I set in Mind Monitor? How are they stored?

Can anyone help me?

I’m not sure what you mean by “channel”?
The markers are in the last column of the CSV data:

Or if you’re reading OSC, their paths are specified here:

Hi Enigma644,

Could you help me understand this about the charts I have seen from mind monitor. The charts show 1 line for each brain wave band but muse has four electrodes. How are you merging the data to arrive at 1 value series for each brain wave range?

Does the graph represent the aggregate of all 4 electrodes for e.g. gamma or is there something more complex like picking the electrode with the highest value during the meditation and calculating the gamma for that only?

The graph will usually show the average of all four electrodes. You can (as of a week ago) toggle off specific electrodes. This isn’t something you need to do unless you specifically want to for your research; or if you had really bad signal quality on an electrode and don’t want to re-record the session. Some people with long hair for example, might want to disregard the ear sensor electrodes if they have poor signal quality.

Hi Enigma644 and thank you for the reply.

Oh its an average, neat.

  1. Am i correct in thinking you compute the PSD of each channel at say time x, then break it into absolute power per frequency bands for each channel at the same time and then take the average absolute of all channels in that frequency band at that time, and that average is what is shown plotted on the graph at time x?
  2. How many prior seconds / number of observations of the data (sliding window) do you calculate the PSD at each interval over? Was your choice based on some recommendation from Interaxon or the industry or more to do with processing power of the muse and android/ios devices?

#1 - Pretty much, yes.
#2 - It’s done at 10Hz using a sliding 256 sample window. I don’t do the absolute wave calculation myself, it’s what the Interaxon SDK does. You can read about it here: https://mind-monitor.com/OnlineHelp.php?page=absolute_band_powers

Thanks once again for the extremely quick response.

And thanks for the link, I will go through this carefully

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