Executable in NumPy folder


Getting my Muse next week and just installed the software.Everything went fine until the last step # 2.4). I cant find any executable in the NumPy folder. No .exe files there; is it the setup or setupegg Python file or what? I did click on the setup Python file in the main numpy-1.9.0 directory, just got command window that opened and close, no wizard like the SciPy file that installed fine.


Hi there,

Sorry about that, not too sure how that link got moved, either way it is now pointing to the wrong download. Good catch. I’ve updated the document to point to the right place.

You should find the correct executable here:

As with Scipy, install with the wizard for Python 2.7.


Thanks Farough, I got my NumPy installed. It looks really interesting in itself; going to check it out, since I don’t have my Muse yet, after nearly two years!


I hope you enjoy it when it comes, it’s an exciting technology to use for sure.


Hi Farough,

Got my Muse a few days ago, works great with the Calm app, unlocked it yesterday. Can’t say the same with Muse Lab; it’s working but it keeps loosing connection and is real slow when it is reading. I read the forums on it and I think I tried all the fixes, none seem to improve things. I’m now using the defaults on muse-io and lab, with it muse-io usually connects on the first try then the lab starts OK but slow for a few seconds then looses connection entirely or stutters on and off then quits. I tried many times to pair anew but it has no effect. I don’t think it’s my old bluetooth dongle (a Broadcom BCM2045A) as it works fine streaming audio from my pad (a Nexus 7 second gen).
I can’t begin to develop anything with this kind of performance; got any ideas?
Oh, I’m using a PC as my development platform, Apple products are too expensive for me. Does the SDK work “better” on Apple systems?



Sorry for the late response, have you tried connecting to another machine? Dongles have been notorious in the past for kind of half working with Muse. The usual fix is to unplug it, plug it back in, turn your computer completely off, wait a few seconds and turn it back on. This just helps Windows register the device properly on boot up and sometimes clears problems.

Muse may have a demand on the Bluetooth dongle that is difficult to compare to other applications. We apologize for this unstable connection though. We have heard several cases of this problem come up and we’re working on trying to find a fix for this issue. You’re not alone. Please try another computer if you continue to have issues.