Existing datasets of meditation recordings with Muse or similar devices



We are doing an art project using Muse devices on this year’s Burning Man.

We are looking for a dataset of meditations recorded with Muse or similar devices
(there definitely are some in existence e.g. https://www.ronpub.com/OJBD_2015v1i2n03_YuehzeLi.pdf)
to train some classification algorithm that would detect different brain states of a person (in order to switch between different visualization styles, that’s the general idea behind the installation).

Can anyone help us out?

If there is nothing to be found, we would probably be glad to get some meditation recordings donated from people on this forum, which we would be able to publish as a part of a dataset that we would collect later.

Thanks in advance!


I’d be willing to donate a few Muse Monitor licences for the cause, if you don’t have it already. PM me you email address if interested.