Extract "absolute value output" from Muse Monitor in real time

Does Muse Monitor already have a function to extract “absolute value output” in real time?

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Yes. Just press the Stream button. :slight_smile:

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What I mean is not “the ability to send data to an OSC data receiver with OSC Streaming”, but a function to output the absolute values of α, β, γ, δ, and Θ EEG signals from the audio output port in “different musical scales.”

It seems that researchers use the output by “OSC Streaming”, but if it is “voice output”, it can receive data with a simple analog circuit, so it can be used for hobby electronics and toy control.
Seems to be interesting.


私が聞きたいのは、”OSC Streamingでan OSC data receiverへデータを送信する機能”ではなく、”音声出力ポートからα、β、γ、δ、Θの脳波信号の絶対値を異なる音階で出力する機能はないか?”という意味です。

”OSC Streaming”による出力だと一部の研究者しか利用できないように思いますが、”音声出力”であれば簡単なアナログ回路でデータを受信できるので、趣味の電子工作や玩具などへの利用も含め面白そうです。

Not with analogue audio sorry, but can do “hobby electronics” with OSC over WiFi using an ESP8266 for example.

Here is my sample code:

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Thank you very much.

I thought “Let’s make a function that outputs the absolute values ​​of α, β, γ, δ, and Θ EEG signals in different scales from an audio output port by electronic work”.

The standard Muse app provides feedback with “birds, wind and rain” during meditation.
But some meditators, including myself, wish to close eyes and know “increase / decrease in the ratio of gamma wave to alpha wave, etc” during meditation, by real time.

I am not sure which musical scale will be useful to use right now.
But after I make, and if you find this function seems useful, hopefully , please include to future Muse Monitor functions.

The main parts that will be procured in Japan are as follows.

  1. Development board with ESP8266EX
  2. DA module with MCP4725
  3. Bread board with electric wire




どんな音階にすれば使いやすいかは今はよくわからずに手さぐりですが、もし有用そうなら将来のMuse Monitorの機能に付加してくれたらユーザーとしてうれしいです。

1)開発ボード ESP8266EX付き
2)DAモジュール MCP4725付き
3)ブレッドボード 電線つき


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