Eye blinking


Hi there. I am working on my final project with Muse device and I need to build a game which is functioned only by blinks. In order to do that I need to detect where there is a blink. So I use Muse Monitor and I clearly see on my PC the whole signals that I receive from the device, but the “blink” function does not jump to ‘1’ when there is a blink. What’s the problem? Could I actually see it jumps to ‘1’ when there is a blink? Thanks in advance.
Here is a picture I captured, you can see the high jumps from the sensor and the blink function stays ‘0’.


Blink and Jaw Clench need to be added as Markers, not as a scrolling visualizer.

Select Markers from the top left drop down and enter the OSC path as below:

For game coding, you should ignore the value of blink and just program your code to trigger in your OnReceive event.


Thank you. Now the only problem is that it seems like it recognizes wrong data. I don’t blink and it keeps put the blink’s cursor


The headband isn’t on properly. When you’re not blinking you should see a thin crisp line with tiny bumps.

This screenshot from Muse Monitor’s RAW EEG view, shows two blinks. You can see the non-blink data is much much smoother than from your screenshot. The better the headband connection, the smoother the line. In dry winter weather the sensor probably isn’t making a good connection, so try wetting the sensor band and ear contacts with a finger dipped in water before you start.


Thank you very much.