Feature request for muse 2


I love the muse 2 headband after using muse 1 for a while.
One thing I would love to see is to create your own season.
Like I like.to start with the breath meditation than stabilize my posture, than my heart and mind.
So it would be like something 5 min breath, 5 min posture, 10 min heart and 15 min mind meditation.

I can do so manually but I have to stop the meditation between which is distracting.
Maybe the developer could think about a feature like that



nice idea, could be a greater idea publicate this in the facebook group to, :slight_smile:


I support this idea too!

Also if there were some preprogrammed integrated sessions I could use.


Did you mean to say create your own session with the Muse feedback system in play? Because nothing is stopping you from creating your own guided meditation with something like Audacity. You could record your session with the Muse Monitor to compare sessions.


No I don’t really need a guided meditation.
I want to be able to create a session with different focus point
All the sensor are there it just needs the possible in the app to create a personalized gapless session focusing on different aspects of meditation.
I want to start with the breath sensor than with the movement over the heat to EEG sensor and finish with returning the focus.on the breath…