Feature requests



I’ve had the Muse 4 days now and really like it. 13 sessions so far and 17k points. I knew it would trick me back into the meditation practice I fell off of years ago. I love gadgets and I also love neuroscience.

I do have some requests that I would like to put out there. I mentioned a few of these in the survey you sent but there are a few more.

  1. Can I view my data online? Is there a website I can get to from a PC (not device with app)?
  2. I would really like to add notes to my sessions like how I felt, where I was, etc. I could put this at #1 as it would make it a lot easier to analyze certain aspects of my data.
  3. Longer session times (it’s up to 20 min now) have already been requested. I agree but would like not only longer (1 hour at least?) but would like to be able to manually start and stop session for any length as well as custom set a session’s length.
  4. I have not tried the live data streaming (on PC or Mac) as it may be too technical for me to do so if that could be made easier I would love it. Would also like to see live streaming on the device itself.
  5. I am hoping the headband gets better at filtering noise as has been stated already in another post. My reasons are that I want to see my data as I play violin or ride technical mountain bike trails. I am interested in brainwaves during performance
  6. I echo the request for more apps/different exercises. I didn’t do any research on the other portable EEG’s and not sure if I would have gotten a different one but I like the fact that there are a lot of other apps out there for other things like the Muse. It would be really nice if they were compatible.

Some comments.

I unlocked the extra features of Calm pretty quickly and was left a little flat with the “Insights” provided. I’m not sure what I expected. I won’t spoil the details for anyone but it’s pretty disappointing.

One last thing. I did two twenty minutes sessions back to back this morning with an almost battery depleted headband. Both sets of results were identical and had my lowest calm scores. Not sure if the low battery was why. It’s charging now.

A lot of other questions and similar requests have already been posted here so I’ll end here.

Thanks for a cool and useful product.



Hi timk,

I’ve had mine for 6 days and sure do feel as you do.
I want to control the length of a session to many hours and be able to review it in a scrollable window with zoom control and have an event button (the volume keys) leave a mark on the timeline and open a text window where I can describe the circumstances. A lot to ask? not really. I know enough about programing to know it wouldn’t be hard to implement this into the Calme app.
If Interaxon (Ariel) feels this is too much data to save on the clouds save it on the device and make a small program to download and view it on a PC.
I want this because I want to use the Muse for something else than meditation.
It’s been a 14 month delay from the expected release; the basic Calm app must have been developed then. So it’s 14 months along and no new apps and an SDK that is buggy.
Great hardware but somewhere along the way I feel you lost it with the developers.


I’m just curious, what are you all averaging in a state of calm? I’m averaging about 59% in normal mode. Don’t know if that’s good or bad. Also, besides counting, how do you control the "monkey mind?"