Few questions to everyone researching using Muse


Hi everyone!

My name is Moshe, I am new in this forum and considering buying the Muse but have few questions before doing so:

  1. From your experience, does it provide accurate EEG readings?

  2. Can I use Muse to track REM? If yes, can you please send me related articles on how to do it?

  3. Has anyone managed to extend the battery somehow? Muse support team stated that it’s impossible to work with it when it’s connected via cable for charging and five hours are not enough to track full night sleep.

  4. Are you satisfied with it? I am asking because I am considering building a DIY EEG device.

Thanks for everyone who will dedicate few minutes to help me.
Best Regards,
Moshe B.


ad.1 not sure here. im currently trying to understand high delta readings on my device. tried it on different people and the readings are very similar although delta should only be visible during sleep.
ad.2 i believe no. it can not be worn at night. not comfortable and will probably fall off
ad.3 dont have any experience here
ad.4 if i confirm that the readings are accurate i will be satisfied however there are many things that could be improved ;]