Filter the raw EEG


Hi, I wonder how to filter the raw EEG offline. Which function is suit for muse EEG that I can use in Matlab?

Thanks a bunch…


The Signal Analyzer app in Matlab works great for filtering


Thanks for your answer. So, there is no specific function suitable for muse EEG. Sounds right?


Er, no. I just mentioned the Signal Analyzer because it was quick and easy, but you can go as far down the DSP rabbit hole as you want. The function filtfilt() is a great place to start.

I highly recommend the books by Mike Cohen for more info


If you’re working in MATLAB, I highly recommend using EEGLAB:

or FieldTrip:

to filter your data. Both toolboxes are free with extensive tutorial materials on filtering and EEG analysis in general. If you’re new to MATLAB, EEGLAB might be the easier of the two to use because you can do everything with GUIs.


Thank you, slmille4. It seems can not open .mat using Signal Analyzer


Thank you David_Groppe! I will try those tools and analysis.