Firmware update renames the Muse?


Got an email from a customer today and this is what he writes


Muse just got a firmware update and is now automatically named MUSE + 4 digit serial number. From what I understand, the muse port only recognizes the device if it is named “Muse”?…"

Is it true that a firmware update is now renaming Muses? I haven’t updated my own since I got it…


Yes, the firmware update will change the device names. MuseIO will be able to recognize Muses with the extra 4 digits (last four digits of the MAC address) in their device name. It depends on what flags you use in your command.

For instance

muse-io --device Muse

will only look for devices named exactly “Muse” or whatever string is specified after the flag


muse-io --device-search Muse

will look for devices that have names similar to “Muse”.


Thanks for the tip. I’ll have to update the instructions for my plug-ins.