Firmware update


Hello all,
I’m willing to get started developing for Muse, but I can’t pair it to my Windows 10 machine.
So, I searched online and went through the FAQ.
Muse app says I’m running with firmware 7.2.4, and before trying to pair with bt dongle I’d try to update the firmware.

I have a couple Android devices, and FAQ says:

  • If you're on Android: Open the app and go to Settings -> Check for updates -> Muse headband version. The app will tell you whether or not you are at the latest version.
" but there's no such menu in the Muse app. So, what other choice do I have to update Muse firmware?

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You may have the new Bluetooth Low Energy Muse. The new one has only one USB port, where as the older model has two USB ports. If it’s the new one, it doesn’t need pairing. Also you should check your dongle supports low energy.


Thanks for the quick response.
I happen to have the 2014 version (I bought it from Amazon, I was really hoping to get the 2016 version, but whatever, I’m still exploring the field).
I wanted to avoid buying a dongle, so if there’s no way to get the Android app to update the firmware I’ll borrow an iOS device from a friend and update from there.
I see many improvements were done on the Bluetooth side in newer firmwares so maybe updating will allow me to pair using the integrated bt of my work laptop.
And if it still doesn’t pair, I might have to buy a dongle.


Thanks for the prompt reply.
I happen to have the 2014 version. I bought it from Amazon, I was hoping it was the 2016 version but whatever, I’m still exploring the field.
I’m trying to pair my Muse with my laptop’s integrated bluetooth, but my computer doesn’t see the Muse. I saw there are many bluetooth related improvements in latest firmwares, so I think I’ll borrow an iOS device from a friend and try updating from there.
If the update still won’t work, I’ll buy an external bt dongle.


So, yes. I updated my Muse firmware to 7.8.0, but wasn’t enough. Had to update also the bt driver in my laptop. Then I was able to pair with the Muse.