First-time experience with Muse / README suggestion


I unboxed & started using my Muse yesterday. The README booklet instructions were very clear, but I initially had a very hard time getting the device to pair. And then, after it finally paired, it kept switching itself off during the app tutorial. On the final calibration screen of the tutorial, I wasn’t getting any signal from the device. I disconnected / re-paired several times, which led me to re-start the tutorial several times. After an hour of this I was about ready to box the device back up and return it. Too much trouble.

Finally I happened to notice a battery indicator of “2%” on the calibration screen. Ahhhhhh, that would explain why it won’t pair / keeps switching off.After this initially frustrating experience, I charged my Muse for several hours. Once it was charged I had no trouble getting started and have had several successful sessions. No problems pairing.

My recommendations for the initial experience would be:

  1. Step 1 of the README should be “make sure the device is fully charged”. Maybe this is too obvious to mention? I’m sure the starting battery life varies from device to device, so why not advise users to do a full charge before getting started? There’s no battery indicator on the device so there was no way to tell it was low until I got well into the app tutorial.

  2. Troubleshooting suggestions in the README should include “make sure the device is fully charged”. :slight_smile:

  3. It would be nice if there was a way to skip the tutorial and go straight to initial calibration. The first time through the tutorial was interesting, but due to pairing problems I ended up having to sit through the tutorial 5+ times.


Absolutely agree. Fortunately I had read about this in the Amazon reviews. I can imagine how frustrating it would’ve been if I hadn’t.


I had the same problem, and put this prominently in my review on Amazon. It should definitely be in the startup guide.


I also had a frustrating experience.
If you repeatedly charging the MUSE and only getting 4 lights and when you use it, it gets drained after 15 mins of use, then you have a faulty battery.
This is point when I realised I had to get an exchange with my retailer.
Fortunately so far, the new MUSE is working fine…


I just got my Muse last week and got bitten by this as well - the headband came with a slight charge but kept on flaking out. I eventually figured out it was losing connection because of the battery dying. It would make a much better ‘out of the box’ experience to emphasize the need for a full charge before attempting pairing, etc. I also seem to have poor battery life (depleting after about 30 minutes of use). I ordered a replacement from Amazon that just came today - hopefully this one will be fine.

Apart from those two minor hiccups I’m really enjoying Musing - though as soon as I hear birds my level shoots up to ‘active’ on the graph :slight_smile: I’m sure I’ll get less excited with the sound of birds over time :slight_smile: